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Indie & Hyper-casual Game Studio

Zainal Portfolio

Game Development

Mobile AR Car Maintenance App

In this game, mechanics can spawn a car in AR and interact with it in multiple ways, such as opening the door, opening the bonnet, flipping the car to check the undercarriage, and so on. They will perform maintenance checks, emulating how they would do it in real life. This project is multinational and has a user management component (user login, cloud sync user progress, etc).

VR Mosquito Inspection Game

This game is a simulation to train environmental officers to inspect people’s houses for mosquito breeding grounds.

Voice recognition is used to communicate with the 3D avatar.

This game uses hand/finger tracking to pick up and inspect objects.

VR Table Tennis Game

Table tennis game in VR where you use the controller as a bat. We also coded an AI enemy player for you to play against.


3D Modelling and Animation

Interface (UI / UX) Design


Web Development

Digital Manuscript Reader

A web application to help History students open and read their manuscripts digitally.