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Indie & Hyper-casual Game Studio



This is a very early prototype screenshot of the game. At this stage, we are still working on gameplay, 3D assets, and concept art as separate entities. Hence we are still using placeholder assets to code our game logic 🙂

This is a RPG tactics based game, hence we incorporated the game system of having tiles for movement.

We are working on pathfinding game mechanics to make the game smartly find the best path to go to a certain destination tile on the map.

3D Modelling

For the game’s visual style, we opted to go for a stylized cartoon-like visual. Inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli.

Here is a 3D model of a tree we are working on, that uses specialized shaders that create the toon-like effect.

These are some water effects and graphics that we are working on and experimenting with. 

The one you see here is a more “realistic” water effect.

Here is a slightly more “cartoony” water model.

Here is a 3D model of a mascot we made for our company. This is us experimenting with particle effects.

Here is a video of the 3D mascot in action. You can see the mascot being animated to show several different facial expressions.

Concept Art